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The Problem
Counterfeiting continues to be a major growing issue in the automotive component industry. According to Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), USA the global automotive industry loses US $ 12 billion to counterfeiting. The Indian scenario is not a different story. According to FICCI – CASCADE latest study (Grey market the invisible enemy) released in 2012, the Auto component industry loses 29.6% of its sales due to grey market, worth US $ 2 billion ( Rs9198 crores out of estimated size of Rs 31,046) affecting the growth of economy, loss of jobs, brand owner goodwill as well as risk to public safety.

Most commonly counterfeit parts and accessories
The parts that tend to be counterfeited the most are frequent replaced parts such as brake pads, spark plugs, and various types of filters.

Impact of Counterfeit components

  • Counterfeit oil filters cause sudden engine failure.
  • Counterfeit brake pads, made of grass clippings and saw dust, have caused fatal accidents.
  • Counterfeit windshields without safety shatterproof glass, cause injury or death.
  • Counterfeit and piracy undermine consumers’ confidence in brands

Recent regulation and developments
Governments have a particularly critical role to play in this effort. All over world, they are doing their best creating the necessary legal infrastructure, educating police force, developing suitable laws to deter fraudulent behavior. In recent developments, The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has taken proactive steps for consumer safety. In the recent amendment to the Motor Vehicle Bill, they have introduced few good measures such as High security registration plate (HSRP), usage of Microdots for vehicle tracking, directive of having colour-coded stickers that indicate the vehicle’s fuel type.While, Government has pushed notification related to vehicle security, Brand owners are gearing up adopting solutions for component security and playing their part to prevent the production and sale of counterfeit products.

Solutions for Auto Industry

Product Product Details
alcohol-photo High Security MRP Labels: Most of the Brands contain a high security MRP label for easy identification on their spare parts products. These labels comply to stringent quality norms and meet the Brand global quality standards.
Product Category: Automotive Components Identification
alcohol-photo Windshield Labels: The passive label is optimized to work on car windshield glass and suitable for a wide selection of automatic vehicle identification applications such as access control, parking permit, road toll collection or insurance information verification. The design of the windshield label is based on several high-security holographic and graphic elements. The label will also have digital information & security embedded through QR codes and bar codes which can be scanned easily. The label is non-transferable and cannot be removed without being destroyed.
Product Overview: Automotive Vehicle Identification
alcohol-photo High Security Registration Plate (HSRP): HSRP are chromium-based hologram plates made via hot-stamping and laser branding of a permanent identification number, which cannot be copied.
Product Overview: Automotive Vehicle Identification
alcohol-photo RFID Parking Label: The ((rfid))-Parking Permit helps to identify vehicles quickly and easily. Contactless identification is carried out from a distance of several meters, which greatly reduces the monitoring effort. Data transmission via RFID also works without direct visual contact. Visual verification of the print image on the Parking Permit and of its integrated security features is also possible.
Product Overview: Automotive Vehicle Identification
alcohol-photo Microdot: Microdots are normally circular and around one millimetre in diameter but can be made into different shapes and sizes and made from various materials such as polyester or metal
Product Category: Automotive Vehicle Theft Identification
alcohol-photo Laser-marking serialization: Laser Marking of Data matrix for traceability & security purposes is an important aspect of the automotive industry. Industrial Laser marker and marking systems are the ideal sword for marking legible alphanumeric serial code, 1 D barcodes and 2D data matrix codes on nearly all materials like Gears, bearing.
Product Category: Automotive Components Identification

Consumer Awareness

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